Call for Papers: MSA session at ASECS, St Louis March 9-11, 2023

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 53rd Annual Meeting

Abstracts due: Monday, October 24, 2022, 11:59pm EDT

Relocating Mozart: New Contexts for Mozart’s Music [Mozart Society of America session] 

Pierpaolo Polzonetti, University of California, Davis,

What happens when the music of Mozart relocates outside the immediate contexts where or for which it originated? From Mozart’s time right up to the present day, Mozart’s music has been relocated into new contexts, on a global scale, often in new and unpredictable performative settings. The global appeal and versatility of Mozart’s music to new cultural and social contexts provoke questions about shifting and layering of values and meanings in new times and spaces. We invite contributions that place Mozart and his music into broad geographical, intellectual, social, cultural, and political contexts. Contributions might discuss issues of place, geography, and environment; aesthetics; circulation of music and material culture; patronage and economics; artistic life; reception of Mozart and his legacy; and the diverse contexts in which Mozart’s music was performed and heard.