Spring 2016 (Vol. XX, No.1)
  • Paul Corneilson – “Mozart’s Boswell?”
  • Ian Woodfield – “Christian Gottlob Neefe and the Early Reception of Le nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni
  • Edition reviews – Facsimile Editions of Mozart’s Autograph Scores (in 7 vols., published by The Packard Humanities Institute, 2005-9)
    • Karl Böhmer – Idomeneo
    • Daniel R. Melamed – Die Entführung aus dem Serail
    • Ulrich Leisinger – Le nozze di Figaro
    • Edmund Goehring – Don Giovanni
    • Ian Woodfield – Così fan tutte
    • Martin Nedbal – Die Zauberflöte
    • Laurel E. Zeiss – La clemenza di Tito
  • Leszek Chudziński – poem: “Mozart’s Starling”
August 2015 (Vol. XVIX, No.1-2)
  • Bruce Alan Brown – “Gluck at 300—and Mozart”
  • Enrique Oliver – “The Two French Songs Set to Music by Mozart”
  • Paul Corneilson – “Mozart and C.P.E. Bach”
January 2015 (Vol. XVIII, No.2)
  • Ulrich Leisinger – “An Autograph Fragment of the Piano Sonata K. 331”
  • Edmund J. Goehring – “Mozart Between Modernism and Humanism”
  • Christopher Lynch – “Mozart’s Debt to Broadway: The Mozart Revival at the Metropolitan Opera House”
January 2014 (Vol. XVIII, No.1)
  • Dorothea Link – “Nancy Storace’s annus horribilis, 1785”
  • John A. Rice – “Some Little-Known References to Early Performances of Mozart’s Operas”
August 2013 (Vol. XVII, No.2)
  • Enrique Oliver – “Leopold Mozart Reponds to a Medical Emergency: A Glimpse into the Mozart Family’s Life”
  • Ludwig Finscher – Book review: Daniel Heartz, Mozart, Haydn and Early Beethoven, 1781-1802
  • Erick Arenas – Book review: Simon P. Keefe, Mozart’s Requiem: Reception, Work, Completion
  • Paul Corneilson – Performance review: Music of Wolfgang Amadè Mozart on Mozart’s Violin and Viola (Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation Quartet)
January 2013 (Vol. XVII, No.1)
  • Theodore Albrecht – “The Soloists in ‘Martern aller Arten,’ Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante Movement for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Violincello, and One-Eyed Soprano”
  • Jan Miyake – Book review: David Damschroder, Harmony in Haydn and Mozart
August 2012 (Vol. XVI, No.2)
  • Peter A. Hoyt – “Nello stato e nella situazione d’Andromeda: Visual Culture, the Monitoring of Correspondence, and Mozart’s Epistle to Aloysia Weber”
  • John A. Rice – Book review: Christoph Wolff, Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune: Serving the Emperor, 1788-1791
January 2012 (Vol. XVI, No.1)
  • Milada Jonášová – “A Performance of the G Minor Symphony K. 550 at Baron van Swieten’s Rooms in Mozart’s Presence”
  • Paul Corneilson – “Mozart in L’indice de’ teatrali spettacoli
  • Jane Schatkin Hettrick – “A letter of Ignaz von Seyfried Concerning the Fantasie, K. 608”
  • Richard Benedum – “Mozart and the Bridi Gardens in Rovereto”
  • Janet K. Page – Edition review: Mozart, Konzert für Klavier und Orchester C-dur, KV 503
  • Martin Nedbal – “Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek: Preface to Don Juan (1825)”
August 2011 (Vol. XV, No.2)
  • Irene Brandenburg – “Mozart, Davide penitente, and Saverio Mattei”
  • Mary Robbins – Book review: John Irving, Understanding Mozart’s Piano Sonatas
January 2011 (Vol. XV, No.1)
  • Pierluigi Petrobelli – “Abendempfindung, K. 523”
  • Dorothea Link – “A Walking Tour of Lorenzo Da Ponte’s Philadelphia”
  • Paul Corneilson – “Phase 1 of the Early Mozart Biographies Project Nearly Complete”
  • Martha Fickett – Book review: Roye E. Wates, Mozart: An Introduction to the Music, the Man, and the Myths
  • John Rice – “The Public Amusements of Vienna, Including Die Zauberflöte, as Witnessed by a Traveler in 1793”