January 2001 (Vol. V, No.1)
  • Otto Biba – Guest Column: “Recalling Mozart”
  • Eric Offenbacher – “The Earliest Born Recorded Mozart Singer”
  • Francesco Blanchetti – Book review: Mary Hunter, The Culture of Opera Buffa in Mozart’s Vienna: A Poetics of Entertainment
August 2000 (Vol. IV, No.2)
  • Bathia Churgin – Guest Column: “Mozartian Byways”
  • Kay Lipton – “‘Mozart Manuscripts in North America’: An Update”
  • John Platoff – Book review: John A. Rice, Antonio Salieri and Viennese Opera
  • Kathryn Libin – Recording review: Mozart Piano Concerts K. 175, K. 449, K. 451 (Robert Levin, Academy of Ancient Music)
  • Robert Levin – “Mozart’s E-Minor Fugue for Keyboard: Chronicle of an Abandoned Labor”
January 2000 (Vol. IV, No.1)
  • Maynard Solomon – Guest Column: “Recalling Mozart”
  • Daniel Leeson – “Mozart Manuscripts in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Checklist”
  • Eric Offenbacher – Recording review: Der Stein der Weisen oder Die Zauberinsel (Boston Baroque)
August 1999 (Vol. III, No.2)
  • Wye J. Allanbrook – Guest Column: “A Millennial Mozart?”
  • Dorothea Link – “An Overlooked Accompanied Recitative to ‘Vado, ma dove,’ K. 583”
  • John Rice – “Improvising Face to Face”
  • Mary Sue Morrow – Book review: Ruth Halliwell, The Mozart Family: Four Lives in a Social Context
  • Eric Offenbacher  – Recording review: Tausendjähriges Seeon, Musik der alten Benediktinerabtei
January 1999 (Vol. III, No.1)
  • Robert L. Marshall – Guest Column: “Réminiscences de Don Juan and other Mozartiana”
  • Denise P. Gallo – “Mozart Manuscripts in the Library of Congress: A Checklist”
  • Dan Leeson – “MSA helps to locate a Mozart Autograph”
  • Eric Offenbacher – Recording review: Ersteinspielungen (Musica Bavarica)
  • Evan Baker – Book review: Dorothea Link, The National Court Theatre in Mozart’s Vienna: Sources and Documents, 1783-1792
  • Jessica Waldoff – “‘Mozart Discoveries’: New Evidence, New Questions”
August 1998 (Vol. II, No.2)
  • Joseph Kerman – Guest Column
  • Volkmar Braunbehrens – “Mozart in Vienna: The Myth of ‘The Best Place in the World’”
  • Daniel Leeson – “A Mozart Autograph in America”
  • Simon Keefe – Recording review: Mozart Piano Concerts No. 22, K. 482, and No. 23, K. 488 (Robert Levin, Academy of Ancient Music)
  • Igor Kipnis – Letter to the Editor [in response to Recording review in 2.1]
January 1998 (Vol. II, No.1)
  • Dexter Edge – Guest Column
  • John Howard – “Harvard College Library Receives Gift of Major Mozart Collection”
  • Walther Brauneis – “Exequies for Mozart: A New Documentary Finding concerning the Requiem Mass Held for W. A. Mozart in St. Michael’s Church in Vienna on 10 December 1791”
  • Eric Offenbacher – Recording review: Mozart-Raritäten für Kammermusik (Musica Bavarica)
  • Edmund Goehring – Book review: Stanley Sadie, ed., Wolfgang Amadè Mozart: Essays on His Life and His Music
  • Roye Wates – “Mozart in London: ‘The New Köchel’ at the International Musicological Society, August 1997”
August 1997 (Vol. I, No.2)
  • Christoph Wolff – Guest Column
  • Rigbie Turner – “Mozart Manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library: A Checklist”
  • Jessica Waldoff – Book review: Daniel Heartz, Haydn, Mozart, and the Viennese School, 1740-1840
January 1997 (Vol. I, No.1)
  • Daniel Heartz – Guest Column
  • Neal Zaslaw – “Der neue Köchel”
  • Dan Leeson – “Mozart Fiction: An Example from the Mid-Nineteenth Century”